Be_The_Hero Fight against Coronavirus! Think about others!


I have gone through a message stating “No fees till No school or No salary till No work”.

Have you ever thought about those people cleaning the school or watchman or thousands of teachers and employees who are dependent on their salaries?

Employees are not only teachers but those who are cleaning the premises, watchman, or peon.

Think about the lower class if we refuse to pay then school authorities will cut the salary.

This period will not be too tough for those who are working from home or who have well-settled business or savings.

Be_The_Hero I Together We Can Fight !

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Yes, the impact will be on every industry, but it could be recovered.

But, have you ever thought that if companies stop paying their employees in this period and those parents who are refusing to pay fees, then how these middle-class family teachers and the lower class labour working in a school are going to live?

Please don’t be selfish and think about everyone. Be_The_Hero Fight_Against_Coronavirus

Employees are dependent on their salaries to run their house and especially those who are earning a few thousand rupees to run their house.

Don’t refuse to pay fees, salary, or other wages. It is the responsibility of all of us who are capable of helping others. If you refuse to pay the school or the company will not pay the employee, and eventually, the lower class has to suffer a Lot.

We all can survive because of our savings, but those who are dependent on their monthly wages will strive and die.

The country has to come together to fight and help the needy…

Help the needy and fight for the country together if you are more capable then others.

So think sensibly and don’t be selfish.

Stay_Safe, Be_At_Home!!

Spread Awareness!!