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Who we are:- Hey, we welcome you to a place with a boon of information known as “InfoTreee.”

Many people are thinking about how a single website can provide multiple information? But, InfoTreee is making it possible to help readers get all the latest updates in one place. We are a team who are working in various fields.

Welcome to InfoTreee!

InfoTreee (“us,” “we,” or “our”) operates (hereinafter referred to as “Information”). As a team at Infotreee, we are not using any personal data or cookies of the visitor. These are some policy terms that you adhere to while visiting the site. Our Privacy Policy governs all use of our information and together with the Terms & Conditions constitutes your agreement with us.

Essential Definition

Information here means the data we are providing on multiple niches. Cookies mean the files stored on the internet while surfing various websites. Data means you are submitting an email address or personal information while asking about any query.

What personal data we collect:-

Our website collects some primary information about the users and processes some data about you. We collect information that you fill in forms while visiting our websites. Some of the Information that we collect is your name, your e-mail address. Sometimes we also ask you for providing your information while reporting Or any processing on our website. We also record your information while you contact us for any reason, this may help in the future. Some of the major details which we collect are given below:

Comments:- When any of our readers come in the comment section and if comment anything, then we collect the information of the comment form. The IP address of the readers is also collected by us for further requirements. For detection of spam, we also collect the Browser user agent string. Sometimes we may share an Anonymized string that was generated by users’ email addresses to the Gravatar service to take a look at you as you are using it or not. There is also some privacy policy of Gravator service which you should also read once. When the reader comments on our website, 1st we approve the comment and after that, we make the profile picture of the reader visible to everyone in the comment section.

Media:- According to your privacy policy, the users should avert uploading pictures that are included with embedded location data(EXIF GPS), while uploading any picture on the website. From the images on the website, the location of any information or data can be taken by the visitors on the website. They can easily download the data.

Contact forms:-

  • Cookies:- As every website tracks your information, our website also tracks you with the help of many technologies such as cookies. When any of our visitors visit our website, we ask for their name email address, mobile number, etc. We take all this information on our website in the form of cookies for 1 year. This is done only for the convenience of our visitors. As when they visit our website again, they should not have to fill in their information once more. If the browser used by the visitor accepts cookies then we sent some temporary cookies while any user login into our website for the 1st time. This is the temporary cookies which don’t contain any personal information of the user, it also gets vanish when the user left the website. After login, we set up some cookies which makes you run the website according to you and these cookies last for 2 days.
  • Embedded content from other websites:- Articles on our website also come with the contents which are embedded. If there is any content that is embedded from any other websites, then it will act as the readers have Visited other websites also. The websites from which we had collected the videos, pictures, or any other information, can collect any data about the reader from our website. The other websites can track you using the embedded additional third-party tracking. They can also use your data in cookies, and if they want they can easily look at you using the embedded content as if you had an account which you had log in to embedded content.
  • Analytics Who we share your data with:- In the reset email, the IP address of the visitor can easily be included in any of the visitor’s requests for a password reset.

How long we retain your data:-

According to our privacy policy, we use a very easy way to run our website. We retain the comments and metadata of any user for an indefinite time if anyone comments on our website. Using this way, instead of holding the comments in a moderation way, we can easily remember and can approve any comments which are followed up automatically. The visitors who visit our website regularly and had provided their information in their user profile. We store the Information of our users who had logged in to our website. While making a user profile on our website, the user has to provide some information that they can edit or can delete at any moment except the user name provided by the user. We can also edit or delete the information of any user at any moment.

  1. What rights you have over your data:-

Any of our users can request an export file of their personal information that our website has about the user if they have an account on our website. If any user wants to make their data delete, they can request us.

2. Where we send your data:-

We send the information in an automated spam detection service.

3. Contact information:-

If you had any queries about the website, or have any problems regarding the website, you can contact us with the contact information shared.    

How to protect your data:-

Our website has a lot of ways to protect your data from any type of miss use of your data or alterations in it or any kind of loss of data. If anyone is running our website in the internet browser, a technology named secure socket layer( SSL) technology is used to keep the data of our visitors safely. It protects the data from all the harmful technologies which are used for the misuse of the data and it keeps the data only to you.

What third parties we receive data from:-

According to our privacy policy, our website does not receive any type of data from third-party service providers as they may collect information and data of our website visitors. The websites that give third party access also give access to them to get your information and use it.  

Our Privacy Policy

  • We ensure that none of the user’s data or cookies is being disclosed to anyone at any cost.
  • If any legal action or issue is there and we have to disclose the information to the government, you agree on our action.
  • The information provided by us is legal and safe. There is no need to worry about copy-right of any blog-page on the website “InfoTreee.”
  • We assure the user’s safety, and no third party is there to steal the user’s information while surfing.

Tracking Cookies: We never track the cookies of users unless there is a legal issue or complaint against the visitor. Your safety is our “InfoTreee” priority. Hence, one can contact us at any time to complain against any mischievous activity. Using Data: We assure you that none of your personal information shared with us like Email, Phone Number, Name, or Address will be shared with any third party. When you read on our website, your IP Address and browsing information will be saved on the back-end of the site, and we assure you that it will not be disclosed to anyone apart from the government in a special case. You “user” permit us to do the same.

Hence, we adhere to our “Privacy Policy” and never go against the government’s legal policies to harm you “User” at any cost.