The SSC CGL 2020 Preparation Strategy & Tips

SSC CGL 2020

Are you planning to clear the SSC CGL exam in 2020? Are you trying to follow a lot of strategies but not getting a perfect way? We hope that you will get the best way to study and crack the SSC CGL in the first attempt. There are a lot of subjects and topics that one has to cover. We don’t know where the examiner is going to ask the questions. Therefore it is better to prepare all the parts in brief properly to clear the SSC CGL exam in 2020.

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Preparation steps and strategy for SSC CGL 2020:

one has to follow a few steps to crack the SSC CGL in the first attempt. It is not too difficult to clear the exam because one has to prepare precisely. It will be advantageous if you are going to prepare properly by below-mentioned steps:

Syllabus and pattern:

For starting the SSC CGL preparation strategy, one has to go through the plan and pattern. Almost every year, the exam pattern and the syllabus are similar. But a few changes are there while preparing for the exam. One has to check all these changes that examiners have updated in the SSC CGL. Your proper strategy will decide your success in SSC CGL 2020.

  1. A proper study plan is given below:

An appropriate plan of study is required to crack the exam in SSC CGL 2020. There are many things that one has to do to clear the exam this year. Subject-wise categorization and strategy are giving blow for the students.
The categorization of the subjects and SSC CGL preparation strategy plan will help you to clear the exam. Go through the plan and add a few steps that you think require for you.

  1. Quantitative subjects:

It is a significant section of the SSC CGL that one has to cover for the SSC CGL preparation strategy. It will help the examiner to know how efficiently you do calculations and problem-solving questions. One has to prepare the Algebra and geometrical part properly to clear this SSC CGL. It is the section that contains a bar graph and Pie Charts. One has to learn how one can use the data to create a pie chart or a bar graph. Apart from this, trigonometry and menstruation will be to subtopics for this subject. These two units are quite straightforward or quite tricky, depending upon your preparation. Last but not least, one has to clear the concept of time & distance and time & work.

  1. Answering the reasoning questions:

The reasoning questions will help the examiner to know your thinking power. How you think and how you respond to the questions will be tested by this part. The essential questions will be from number series. Number series is the most challenging section as this can confuse the student. Therefore try to practice from various questions from previous year SSC CGL 2020 papers. There could be few questions from coding and decoding part. Apart from this, one has to prepare some questions related to analogy and a few other miscellaneous questions. Preparing would be so easy if you are following the guidelines of online websites.

  1. English subject:

English carries the most significant and vast SSC CGL preparation strategy. Now if you are preparing for the English section, you have to start with the basics. Clearing the basics related to the grammar subject along with the basic to advanced comprehension passages is quite essential. Now here we are going to give a quick review of English subject preparation.

  • Go through the synonyms and antonyms of the essential words. It looks like an introductory section, but when the examiner is going to give questions from the chapters, they could take a lot of food that you even never heard. Therefore, better to be prepared rather than facing the problem in SSC CGL
  • Spotting errors or editing and omitting are an essential part of this subject to be covered for the SSC CGL. There would be a few paragraphs given in which you have to spot the errors and then you have to correct them. The errors are so minor that sometimes finding out become difficult. That is why one has to go through the basics of punctuation and to position words too.
  • Comprehension passages are the easiest but the problematic part. It is the most natural part because the answers will be hidden in the paragraph. But it is the most challenging part because finding out the solutions would be difficult for SSC CGL preparation strategy.
  • Grammatical questions would be elementary but after answered after thinking correctly. There are a lot of questions that examiner could ask under grammatical portion. Here you have to clear all the basics of all the subtopics. The most important topics under this section would be tenses. Although it is the most accessible topic in SSC CGL paper while preparing and answering, it could confuse you a lot.
  • The last but not the least topic is word substitution. It is the topic that is somehow related to the synonyms that you have learnt. You have to substitute the words from various synonyms so that you can answer efficiently. For the section, you need to have good knowledge of new concepts. We can say that the vocabulary of the person has to be strong enough to get the meaning of the word immediately.
  • Above mentioned are all the topics related to the English subject. It is the easiest but difficult topic that will consume a lot of time. You are looking forward to clearing this SSC CGL 2020. Then go through all the above topics and prepare the basics first. Only your basics could help you to prepare appropriately for your SSC CGL
  1. Prepare the GK and GA:

Preparing general knowledge and general awareness questions will be a significant part. One has to be aware of their surroundings to clear this part. One cannot get good marks in this section if you are not updated with daily news. Those who have the interest to watch the news regularly will find the part very easy to clear. Here are some essential topics under general awareness and general knowledge.

  • First one has to cover the historical questions. Some many events and movements occurred in history that are related to our country. Therefore the student has to prepare all the factual questions for the SSC CGL.
  • Cracking the SSC CGL exam 2020 will become easy if you are also aware of the economy of our country. One has to research about the economy and how our country is earning and spending in various fields. It could be a large section because knowing about the economics of every area will take time.
  • After this, you should be aware of the geography of our country. India has over geographical regions that are different from every 2 to 5 Km. therefore, when you start studying this section will also take time. Going through online websites will help you to collect the correct information about all the geographical parts of India.
  • After this, the general science questions will be there. The recent researches and experiments that scientist is doing are present on various online websites. Therefore try to prepare this topic from those sites for cracking SSC CGL.
  • Last but the essential section is the current affair. What all are happening in our country right now and what things happened previous year must be included in the section. The examiner wants to see whether you are aware of your country. They want to know whether you give importance to what is happening around you or not.

Therefore general knowledge and general awareness will be a big section after English. Preparing it becomes essential to get good marks in the SSC CGL.

SSC CGL 2020 final revision:

Now we think that all the topics mentioned above could help you to make the best SSC CGL preparation strategy. The strategy has to be perfect if you want to clear the SSC CGL this year. The candidate has to cover all the above-given topics. Without covering all the topics, it will not become efficient to crack the SSC CGL. The questions and the subtopics are elementary if you clear the basic concepts of all. We never recommend our readers to leave any topic because of any reason. The marks distribution of the syllabus is done equally to each section. Therefore it becomes essential to cover all and go through the chapters properly. Clearing SSC CGL 2020 exam will become very easy if you are following a proper strategy.

Not only for clearing the exam but SSC CGL preparation strategy is also needed to crack it with good marks. The students who are preparing from the whole year have to do the last minute preparation to score good marks. It will be effortless to get the marks if you are referring to the optimum SSC CGL preparation websites. Even going through all the notes becomes important while preparing.

Now, if you have any query regarding any question or subtopic, then you can let us know from the comment section. We would like to research and answer the questions as soon as possible.


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